The Philippine Phalanx

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 Ka Andres Bonifacio?...Presente!

This Philippine Phalanx website is dedicated by the movement for the purpose of introducing to the general public some of the core aims, teachings and beliefs of the Filipino National Syndicalist Movement.

It is our firm conviction that a true and final solution to the multitude of problems faced by the Filipino Nation is premised upon your reading, understanding, acceptance, and giving action to the following ideals which we are about to deliberate. Here at last is a political movement that values the sacredness of Philippine National Honor!

We invite all men and women who deeply love their country, and who have kept the fire of pride in the Filipino race alive in their hearts to join us. Together we shall work for the eventual rise of the Filipino Nation and usher it forward, that it may take its rightful place among the ranks of Great Nations. Countrymen!....Welcome Back to the Homeland!



"Everything begins in mysticism and ends in politics."
--Charles Peguy

"Love for a man's own nation must not make a man into a wild animal, which tears down and provokes revenge; it must make him more noble, so that he can gain the respect and love of other nations for his nation. Therefore love toward your own nation is not contradictory to love for the whole of mankind; they complement each other. All of the nations are children of God."
--Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac, 1938

ADVISORY: Our website is currently under construction. Please visit us again for further updates.

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