The Philipine Phalanx

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What is the Philippine Phalanx and what does it advocate?

The Philippine Phalanx is a Filipino National Syndicalist camaraderie which actively fights for a principle of political, social and economic thought that embraces the extraordinary and vigorous pursuit of the Philippine national interests.

We subscribe to a brand of social "nationalism" that reaffirms its relationship with government through the socio-political and economic autarky of the CORPORATIVIST STATE, in which all sectors of society are formed into "national syndicates" or guilds of the trades and professions; working in close collaboration with the state for the furtherance of national goals.

We reject all plutocratic and reactionary individualisms rooted from radical 19th century neoliberal thought.

We repudiate the "ad hoc" intellectual domination of Philippine education by the practitioners of the Frankfurt school of Political Correctness.

We oppose all forms of marxist utopianism on grounds that they deny the state, and are grossly limited by purely materialistic considerations with regards to the needs of the common man.

We recognize the entity of "state" as historically the highest expression of man's collective genius, and therefore the greatest manifestation of the people's triumphant will.

We believe in the basic principle of "volksgemeinshcaft", that is, the conditioning of the Filipino Folk into a NATIONAL COMMUNITY of enlightened model citizenry, so highly motivated as to be the very creator and embodiment of the "Nation-State" in which the will and aspirations of the people and state are indistinguishable, a system whereby the welfare and strength of the nation is made paramount, a society enlightened by truth, shorn of fear, with a readiness to sacrifice themselves in a manner which gives justice to the honor our country.

As one man, the individual can achieve very little, but as part of a larger entity; one is freed from the limitations of self, where loyalty" becomes Patriotism, and "sacrifice" becomes Heroism.

"Corporative" is best explained as a "religious conception". One essential condition towards the establishment of the National Syndicalist State is a consistent and unwavering devotion to the "Nation".  The belief in God and devotion to "Nation" shares a relationship not unlike the two sides of the same precious coin.  

Just as in religion, devotion to Fatherland requires DISCIPLINE!, and it is because of this that being a citizen of the Filipino Nation cannot far differ from being a soldier in a regiment where discipline is required by the individual to sustain him through all the rigors of military life, for such mental and physical "toughness" increases his chances of survival as well as to victoriously prevail against an equally determined foe. Only  thus does a soldier become a real asset to his regiment, and the regiment itself made all the more effective. 

In socio-political terms, "discipline" is better expressed as CIVIC FORTITUDE which alone spells the single most significant difference between a nation that can successfully compete or a nation that is barely able to accept the challenge of the real world struggle for economic and politcal dominance in the capitalist freemarket. When we say "discipline", this should never be mistaken to mean as the robotic arbitrariness of mindless automatons to obey. Rather, it is "discipline" of the kind that has been well thought out and understood by intelligent contemplation skilfully applied to circumstances in an instinctive but purposeful manner.

Being a Filipino citizen must naturally include all the guarranteed rights and priviledges that can be bestowed upon a responsible society, but of equal importance is the understanding that these freedoms are fought for and come with a definitive price, that every citizen must appreciate the burden of his duties as part of the greater national whole. Only a Corporatist State can comprehensively guarrantee such rights. It is therefore only sensible for the individual to protect it rather than subvert it.

Presently,  we cannot realistically expect a majority of the Filipino population besotted with the daily barrage of neoliberal globalist propaganda, or worker's utopianisms, to be able to socially and politically work united unto steering a path towards the true Nationalist direction. The Philippine Phalanx proproses to act as an intellectual vanguard and a camaraderie of the "Patriotic Enlightened", to be always at the forefront of the great battle for the people's redemption of their nationalist soul. 

Is the movement  a right wing, left wing, or centrist organization?

The camaraderie officially rejects such archaic designations along political lines, the classic interpretation being neoconservatives to the right, the center being moderates, and radicals to the left.

Our position cannot be allied with the Philippine neocons because we have no wish to protect or "conserve" a status quo which does little in favor of empowering the nation, or more accurately be in support of an "order of disorder", of weak government which only meekly protects national interests, or an economy with no wherewithall to promote heavy industrial capacity which would have best made it possible. There is nothing to be gained in assuming a conservative stance about it.

Neither do we find the radical neoliberalism of the left to be a realistic solution. 

In our view, the  "center" as a valid political entity does not exist. At best, the center is an unaffiliated body which merely shifts positions between neoconservative and neoliberal. They are left at times, and they are right at times with hardly anything original in-between those periods. Since we as a socio-political movement do not find anything useful in neconservatism or neoliberalism within the context of the Philippine situation, we view the Filipino center as....a moderation between two bad ideas. 

The better demarcation between political affiliations in the Philippines are between those political positions which may sound good in theory but are unworkable and impractical (like communism, neoliberalism, and anarchy), and those political positions which can realistically harness the unique Filipino temperament towards real national empowerment. To our view, the best for a country like ours would be National Syndicalism.

Basically we are Filipino Nationalists who advocate the strengthening of the Philippine Position in the arena of world political and economic competition among nations. We have no paramilitary or armed revolutinary wing.  

Our struggle is for the conscious minds of the people, to help prepare the nationalist citizenry with an iron resolve to overcome the difficult task ahead towards the creation of the Philippine Corporative State; the TRUTH being our principal weapon for national liberation.