The Philippine Phalanx

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Spread the true Nationalist ideology to every Filipino 


Lobby for the dismemeberment of the current plutocratic and reactionary anti-Filipino educational system, and work for its replacement with a system whereby a sensible and functional application of nationalist principles can finally be made useful in forging the iron solidarity of the people and the state into one NATIONAL COMMUNITY


Improve the quality of our public and private services and  industrial products by promoting National Syndicalism and State Corporativism, thereby building the people's work ethic and the nation's capacity for higher grades of industrialization. Encourage the marketing and consumption of local Filipino manufactures


 Insure the competence and loyalty of the entire political, economic, military, social, religious, and educational leadership in the Philippines, that they be pledged to primarily pursue and jealously protect the interest of the country.


  Work for the furtherance of Philippine national strength and prestige by defending the honor of the Filipino race, and by increasing the Nation-State's ability to project power in the internal and external affairs of the country.