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Nationalism: The Sweet and Sour

It's funny isn't it? - but when you're a youngster, in your teens especially, the world seems in the palm of your hand, and - full of the vim and vigor of youth - you set out on your personal crusade to change the world. "Now I'm not the type to burst any bubbles, but very rarely do any of these idealistic dreams of youth come true.

As Paul Weller of The Jam once sang: "The world is your oyster but your future's a clam." Sure you'll meet and convince people of the truth, you may even turn an area into a thriving one for nationalism.

I remember doing all this and more, and losing some old friends and even getting in rows with family members etc. etc., all cheerfully done, of course, for "the nationalist cause."

It's hard to provide a reality check, especially for the youngsters out there embarking on the nationalist road but let's get a few things straight:

1. As a nationalist you're more likely to get shafted by a fellow nationalist, despite the attacks you may occasionally suffer from communists or neoliberals.

2. All the work you do for "the cause" will probably be undone by the party leadership, and lost when you leave having seen through the facade, or when there is factionalism within or without "the party."

3. Very little changes in this world unless it has the tacit approval of the "one type of democracy fits all" neoliberal globalists. That encompasses Big Businessmen, media moguls & editors, politicians, etc.

As such, setting out on the nationalist road is a pretty thankless task because you are likely to sacrifice much for little gain, you are likely to be shafted by those you place your trust and loyalty in, and at the end of it the country will probably be no better than when you started.

So why do you, I and others still opt do this thankless task, where if you don't do well people will point the finger and scream "failure" or if you do well the same people will point the finger and scream "egotist?"

There is the Truth of course.

Just because foreign interests are in the ascendancy and seem to have ruled the country since time immemorial, it does not mean that we should walk away and surrender. Our own form of political soldiering, picking the time and place we fight, defending the truth and attacking the lies of a vast bloated enemy is important.

The Truth deserves to be defended no matter how popular or unpopular it is, no matter the vast scale of moral relativism, political vacuousness and the sheer greed and opportunism that surrounds us.

Every now and then you will find a fellow traveler, a kindred spirit, who has also discovered the truth and suffered the slings and arrows of a disingenuous hydra-esque enemy, and when you look into his or her eyes and see the same zeal for the truth, coupled with the humility to put the cause before personal benefit, and the ability to smile in adversity, then it all becomes worthwhile.

Furthermore if you are blessed in having a family, there is little that can be more satisfying in bringing up children to understand the truth, to know about history, to understand morality, to know right from wrong.

I can honestly say that, as an individual (not as a husband or dad) that visiting a comrade's house and being surrounded by children who are happy and healthy and brought up to be loyal to the truth and our traditions, it does lift the spirit.

Yes, I have come through the "I'm gonna change the world" idealism of youth, I have seen leaders betray, I have seen 'comrades' stab-in-the-back and let loose a myriad of slanders, I have seen events twisted and false accusations fabricated; and doubtless in the perfect 20-20 vision of hindsight there are things I would have done differently, but truth be told there is little I would change drastically.

The key things for all nationalists of any age, IMHO are:

1. Be true to your beliefs. This goes beyond personalities, beyond parties or any other vehicles.

2. Hold fast to genuine comrades and friends. Even if some temporary spat might make you want to walk away from them, today's argument is tomorrow's talking-point.

3. Avoid influence peddlers and con-men. You can usually spot them a mile off. They will offer you inducements, they will massage your ego, they will offer you seemingly important positions...

4. Keep a sense of humility. The loud voices and stirrers will undo themselves and probably won't be around in a few years. By all means defend your honour and what is right: but don't be drawn into the possible future intricacies of those who are probably enemy plants in the cause.

5. Do not suffer attacks on the truth. Those who try to make the unacceptable acceptable should be confronted, openly, truthfully and in a spirit of charity. If your "superiors" attack you for it, you will know (sooner rather than later) that they place transitory matters before what is right.

6. You will be tempted to walk away. Don't. Count to 10. Take time off. Ultimately you have a duty. Whatever the reason, talk to those you trust.

7. Have fun. The cause should never be above a bit of a laugh. Some of my funniest memories are of my nationalist travels or events which had me in tears of laughter.

Above all realise that nationalism is only as good as the people in the cause and we all know some will have their defects; but at the same time nationalism is a cause above and beyond the transitory membership and certainly not the property of any one leader, group, party or individual.

Read. Understand history. Understand tradition. Understand the electoral swindle inherent in our Philippine version of democracy. Understand the tyranny of political correctness called neoliberalism and its precursors. Understand the attacks upon the family. Understand plutocracy.

When you understand all these things, when you have the bigger picture, when you can see back through history you will understand that you are just one person in a long history of victories and defeats, glories and ignominy, heroism and treachery, freedom and slavery. Then you will understand that we do have the free will to accept the mantle of struggle and sacrifice, or to walk away and be materialist slobs, acquiescent in the destruction of the last remnants of independent nationhood in favor of a neoliberal globalist world order.

That is the reality of the choice we face.

Make it. Decide between right and wrong.

You may not change the world, but as long as you change the character of your soul and remain loyal to the Truth, all else is secondary.

History is littered with those who sacrificed all and even paid the ultimate price for National Freedom and Social Justice, for Morality and Truth. Some barely knew anything other than betrayal, bitterness and defeat. Be inspired by their example, keep your feet on the ground, keep a sense of humility and a sense of humour... and you will change far more than those who think they will "change the world."